The Molcalsta, also known as the Giant Lobster, or Colossal Crustacean, is in short, an enormous predatory lobster. The smallest of the Molcalsta reach 20 ft, while the largest can be up to 45 ft. Their powerful claws crush steel with ease, and their mandibles can tear flesh from bone. 

Unique to its fellow arthropods, a Molcalsta has an endoskeletal system, and fully developed lungs and other organs. They are frequently hunted because of the immense amount of meat that their carcasses yield. Because of overhunting, they are a very rare and endangered species. Breeding programs have been put in place to help boost the Molcalsta population back to optimal levels. 


The Molcalsta is quite easy to describe compared to other organisms, in short, it is an enormous lobster. The chitin of the Molcalsta is usually a dark blue, or kelp green. They also have a second pair of claws, which are far skinnier, longer, and resemble those of a Japanese Spider Crab. 

Their main claws are enormous, serrated, and are usually covered in enormous barnacles. These durable barnacles act as a second set of armor, and cover more than just the claws. An average Molcalsta has two stalked compound eyes which despite their primitive look have optimal eye sight. 

Molcalsta also are intelligent, although their cognitive capability is lower than the average obligate predatory organism. They are capable of partial domestication and even use in combat as battlemounts or guard dogs (albeit enormous ones).