Nagaiborīsunēku are an ophidian carnivorous parthenogenetic species. Because of their parthenogenetic nature, all members of the species are female. They are highly dangerous apex predators which use their ability to travel in subterranean environments to ambush prey from below. Nagaiborīsunēku are also highly agile, being able to climb, crawl, and run at high speeds.

Nagaiborīsunēku are powerful apex predators, and have no natural predators. As such, they can and will hunt any organism known to the Prime Material Plane. They particularly inhabit arctic and forested areas, however. Some are domesticated in for use as mounts.


The face head of the Nagaiborīsunēku resembles that of a colubrid snake, specifically Lampropeltis splendida. It has whitish blue scales covering its slim, feline shape. On its head it has two feline ears which large white tufts of fur on the tips. Rows of white fur also run down its spine, ending at its large tail and covering completely it in bushy fur. The tail is thick, with multiple spines, all connected to each other via a scaly membrane.

Its four locomotion appendages are completely covered in ophidian scales, ending in four toed feet with long claws. Nagaiborīsunēku also have vicious fangs, resembling those of a viper.