N’nosk’s Cauldron

N’nosk’s Cauldron is a magmatic, fiery place directly near the left eye of the Skull. It is filled with fiery forges, anvils, and furnaces. It is the heart of N’nosk’s warmachine.

Forges of Hell

N’nosk’s Cauldron echoes with the clanging of metal, the burning of coal, the pouring of white hot metal, and the screaming of encased souls. This insidious place belches the most hideous and horrible of warmachines; from soulbound metal, to living suits of armor, to exomechs.

To the east of the forge lies the Bloodstone Mines, where all the minerals are mined to be refined in the Greatforges. Before finally being pounded into the components needed in the Screaming Anvils. Finally, the metal is transformed into a warmachine in N’nosk’s workshop.

There is no flora or fauna here, other than the overheated workers. The ground is nothing but charred scoria, and bone.

Throne of Yggdreth

At the pinnacle of the Cauldron is a throne of scrap metal and bones, from which Forgemaster Yggdreth commands all of those who forge or are forged. Under his watchful eye, the Cauldron continues to belch out the powerful warmachines required to conquer this realm and beyond.