The Obake is an opportunistic predatory Spectre. Unlike other Spectres, the physical changes to its body after death are extremely drastic. To the point at which sightings of these ghosts may even be confused for mutants or even servants of chaos gods. They are considered Yokai because of their primary habitat.


The Obake are an extremely unique type of spectre. When fully manifested, it is an extremely emaciated entity, with six fingers. An Obake’s face is almost always shielded by some sort of mask, although whether or not this is a biological feature or a simple garment is debated. It is similar to to Shades and Wraiths in that it lacks a lower body, instead floating or in some disturbing cases crawling via leaking viscera originating from its upper torso.

Obake are shapeshifters, while they do have a static form as mentioned above, they can temporarily manifest as other entities. Some of these entities are incomprehensible, while others are in the realm of the ghastly.


Obake are opportunistic predators. Although similar to other Spectres, what they feed on, and why they hunt, is unknown. They use their powerful shapeshifting abilities to get the jump on prey, and sometimes use it to ambush by transforming into friends or fellow squad members.