Ophanims are radiant predatory organisms which use auditory mimicry to lure and consume prey organisms. They are created when Radiance fuses with the stone obelisks found around the Empryean. Which they also happen to inhabit. Because of this, their primary locomotion method is levitating via Radiant energy.


They resemble large globular human eyes encased in orbiting stone wheels, which are denticulated and covered in eyes. They also have hundreds of angelic wings sprouting from these wheels, which although useless aerodynamically, harness Radiance to levitate.

Hunting Methods

To hunt, Ophanims will enthrall a town or small community in the lower Prime Material Plane. The Ophanim will use its ability to mimic the human voice and claim that it is God, or something else in line with the religious beliefs of the town or community it intends to enthrall. Usually, to do this it has to closely watch and observe the religious practices of the intended community or town. Once the town is enthralled, it will demand sacrifices. It consumes those sacrificed before promising a “Day of Salvation”.

This day of salvation is actually a mass consumption event. Once all remaining townsfolk begin the ritual, the Ophanim will return and begin the event. It will deploy multiple tentacles of pure radiant energy to consume the flesh and souls of the remaining townsfolk, damning them to nonexistence.