Osseous Fiend

A de-ossified Fiend in an aquarium at HACF Base-12.

Osseous Fiends, also known as Fiends, are a species of large acariformes roughly 14.7 feet in length. While they are considered Acariformes, their categorization as arachnids has been removed. Recently, they have begun to make hostile crusades against the Empire, despite their predominantly aquatic nature.

Osseous Threat

They have roughly twenty limbs, ten for locomotion and ten for offensive/grasping purposes. They are almost completely ossified, and as such are bone white. They are predominantly aquatic, although they have recently made excursions to land. These excursions have caused the destruction of many towns and cities, as their coordination and cooperation is optimal. As such, the Empire created Mite Hazard to counter them.

Although they pose a high danger to the Empire, the Emperor has elected to decline any true extermination/extinction demands. Instead, they seek to co-exist with them. The attempts at trying to pacify Osseous Fiends has led to the HACF being able to “de-ossify” Fiends. These de-ossified Fiends are far more passive, and are even able to communicate without hostility. While ossified Fiends can communicate, they are usually highly hostile.

This advance has allowed the HACF to quell the offenses to major cities. Although the war against the Fiends will go on.