Outer Reaches

The Outer Reaches are the vast expanse beyond the known portions of the Prime Material Plane. Here, the normally sarcous living ground transitions into hard rock or fossil, and what is beyond is completely unknown. Despite this apparent aura of mystery around the Outer Reaches, there is a single railroad line that leads into the great beyond. It is suspected that this station leads to the Emperor’s castle.


The Outer Reaches are extremely enigmatic, however what is known is that they are separated from the known world by their lack of biomatter. While the Inner Reaches are made from living flesh and bone, the Outer Reaches are made from dead rock and fossil. Even Tenebrosus ceases at the Outer Reaches no matter the depth one dives.

Although it is highly possible that the land of the Outer Reaches is just as myriad and diverse as the Inner Reaches, most landscape consists of jagged cliffs, decaying Cimexian shells, and howling cliffs. There appears to be some form of sand covering the Outer Reaches, resembling grey snow in some accounts.

While fossils and desiccated cadavers are abundant, possibly implying the existence of some form of civilization. There is no evidence of the existence of infrastructure, in ruined or intact form. The only semblance of infrastructure appears to be a single railroad line which stabs thousands of miles into the great beyond of the Outer Reaches. Some suspect that this line leads to the Emperor’s castle, or some other hallowed ground.