The Pelonid is a large predatory flying insect of the order Blattodea, which includes cockroaches and termites. Unlike either of these insects however, they are far larger and roughly the size of a large rat. In a similar manner to a nomadic termite nest, Pelonids travel in eusocial swarms, devouring anything that gets caught in their path.


The average Pelonid is roughly the size of a large rat, with a sharp rigid proboscis equal in length to the body. They have six legs, a lithe thorax, and a plump abdomen for constantly laying eggs to fuel the hive’s warmachine.


Pelonids resemble large termites, clad in chitinous armor. This armor is especially concentrated around the head, which is crowned by a large, rigid, and serrated proboscis. Which is more like a blade or knife than it is a true feeding appendage.