As of 5151:13 the sovereign nation of Pithok in Pythos has became a vassal of the Empire. Please consider that this article has been made on the two day after this occurrence, and that information be inaccurate or subject to change as events become more transparent.

Pithok are a highly intelligent species of transluscent aquatic organisms native to the waters of Pythos. They originally formed a sovereign nation before joining the Empire as a vassal on 5151:13. The Pithok have selectively bred and lithomodified a species known as the Pyrites into chattel slavery. Not only do these organisms use the Pyrites as slaves, but also as new bodies when they reach their second stage of life.


The Pithok are aquatic organisms native to Pythos. Xenophobic and ruthless, Pithok are known to abduct and experiment upon other organisms with or without their consent. The most stunning example of this are the Pyrites, lithoid organisms lithomodified and selectively bred into obedient and powerful chattel slaves.

These aquatic organisms originally coalesced into an oligarchic state, with their main capitals and cities located aquatically, while Pyrites collected resources from the land to bring into the depths. Although now they are considered a vassal of the Empire and accommodations are being made to allow them to access terrestrial ground.


The corporeal form of a Pithok changes dependent on its stage in life. Juvenile Pithoks are motile, and act as the main force of their nation, acting as artisans, workers, scientists, and the like. After around one hundred years, the juvenile Pithok becomes a sessile organism implanted into a Pyrite. While inside of this Pyrite, it completely controls it.

The juvenile form of a Pithok resembles that of a clam, with multiple grasping and locomotive appendages. Their mouth and eyestalks protrude from their cranial shell, along with a scintillating pearl formed by females of the species. After reproducing, they quickly and violently atrophy into a motile nervous system, and quickly latch onto a Pyrite to gain control.