As of 5151:13 the sovereign nation of Pithok located in Pythos has became a vassal of the Empire. Please consider that this article has been made on the day of this occurrence, and that information be inaccurate or subject to change as events become more transparent.

Pyrites are a sapient species of lithoid organism which has been turned into an obedient slave species of the Pithok via selective breeding and lithomodification. When the Pithok joined the Empire’s clutches as a vassal in 5151:13, the Pyrites became the most popular servant or slave organism besides machines or cyborgs.


The average Pyrite is roughly three feet in height, and five feet in length. With six insectoid locomotive appendages. They are entirely consistent of their namesake, a gilded material commonly known as Fool’s Gold. Pyrites have multiple assorted limbs around their body, each designed to handle different tools or solve a different purpose, all of which have been recent additions to their anatomy. These limbs allow the Pyrites to aimlessly follow orders with maximum efficiency.

The Pithok not only use the Pyrites for labor and servitude, but also to inhabit in their later stages of life.

Instead of maws to consume flesh or flora, the average Pyrite has a set of macroflagella tasked with disassembling minerals into edible sustenance, which they are fed in exchange for their labor. This sustenance makes them even more obedient than before, trapping them in an endless loop of pointless servitude for bloated aristocrats.

While Pyrites serve any species that supplies them their precious sustenance, they are most loyal to the Pithok. These aquatic fiends are their true masters, and their loyalty to the Empire’s slavemasters should be questioned.


Pyrites originally inhabited the shores of Pythos, the home of the Pithok, scavenging for edible minerals to consume. Eventually, after aeons of evolution and adaptation these creatures formed rudimentary civilization. Beyond even this, the Pyrites became a isolationist civilization around the mechanical age of advancement. Around this time, the Pithok had also begun to ascend from the murky depths of Pythos, seeking to expand their thallassocracy. These unfortunate Pithok quickly released a macabre truth: they could not survive on terrestrial ground.

Where they surfaced, happened to roam the Pyrites. Crafty and merciless, the Pithok requested an economic agreement which the naive Pyrites could not refuse. This economic agreement eventually evolved into a true alliance, and then more so into complex cultural integration. The Pithok were as cruel as they were ingenious with their modifications to the poor bodies of the stony creatures. Selective breeding and lithomodification transformed the Pyrites into docile, obedient, and powerful slave creatures now serving the Pithok and the almighty Empire.