Welcome to Jakeopod.com, known also by other names such as Jakran, or Jakrine. We are a domain primarily dedicated to compiling information.

We will defend our patrons and members with fervent zealousness, unless their actions are completely non-defensible. Disagreeing with our beliefs is your problem alone, we only seek to express ourselves. You can find our staff, people apart of Jakeopod.com who we deem appropriate for administration and other serious business, here.

For the people who do not have permission to modify, edit, and create, I hope you can enjoy witnessing our creations. If you care, our privacy policy and attributions sections are below. Below even that are hyperlinks to other parts of this site.

Jakeopod.com is separated into sub-domains, where our writings are held. Below they are listed if you care for spectating. They are listed in alphabetical order, for your convenience.


Hive.Jakeopod.com – Our primary information compiling site.

Sightings.Jakeopod.com – Tertiary information compiling site.

Terraria.Jakeopod.com – Tertiary information compiling site.




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Representative Animals

Here at Jakeopod.com we have multiple animal mascots that represent us and our various divisions. Below, every single one will be listed, including the representatives for both this site and its sub-domains.

Representative Animals


Anomalocaris & Opabinia


The Anomalocaris (uh·naa·muh·low·kar·ruhs) (“Unlike Other Shrimp”) was an aquatic and extinct animal. It is still alive in our hearts, and serves as our primary mascot for Jakeopod.com and even its other sites in some scenarios. It is an aquatic radiodont that was around the length of a human, or two or so meters. They were carnivorous, and used their trunks to pull prey (usually trilobites) into their circular mouth. We like to put them on our flags, logos, and in our aquariums and statues.

In certain scenarios, we may put Opabinia in its place. Which is very similar to Anomalocaris, albeit with some physiological differences. We’ll let you compare and contrast from images. We often use them for smaller emblems, insignia, or badges.

These creatures often interchangeably represent ferocity, mobility, strength, honor, pride, wrath, and power.


The Caracal (keh·ruh·kal) (“Cat with black ears”) has very occasionally been used in imagery relating to our site. We have used features on this animal, such as slang denoting the creature’s ears, to name some of our more whimsical content. The caracal has not been used in any official banners or insignia, aside from Caracal.Jakeopod.com. In which, this cat is its namesake and topic. In a similar manner, other felines have not been used by Jakeopod.com as representative animals.

In our culture, the Caracal represents whimsy, stealth, good luck, and reincarnation in the form of nine lives.


Serpents, such as the King Snake, Dragon Snake, and King Cobra were previously used in banners and insignia produced by Jakeopod.com. While their prevalence in modern day imagery has mostly faded out, they are still a part of our history that shouldn’t be ignored. In the mind of the Founder, these animals are still worthy of their classification as representative animals on our platform. This “category” of lifeform has also included Scoloprendridae previously used in Jakeopod.com imagery and emblems.

Sea snakes are especially prevalent in our imagery for naval or aquatic sects of our coalition, along with serpentine organisms such as eels or tubiforme worms. Serpents such as pythons and anacondas are rarely ever used for our depictions, although in some settings their inclusion in our imagery is appropriate.

In our culture, snakes represent honor, agility, luxury, and cunning. While centipedes represent ferocity, strength, pride, and power.