Cover their eyes with the mist! Make them go missing without a trace!

A battlecry made by Rtari cultists.

Rtar is the chaos god of fog, the unknown, what lurks below, and going missing without a trace. He is described as a cloud of reddish black smoke with crackling lightning illuminating the internal organs within. He is the second most powerful chaos god, behind Yash. His patron number is 3.14, and unlike most chaos gods, he lacks a patron beast. He also does not appear to have a court of any kind.

God of Missing Persons

Rtar is the God of Missing Persons, disappearance without a trace, unsolved murder, and the unknown. He embodies one of the most common elements of human experience, what you do not know. Although I probably shouldn’t be talking on the subject. Rtar lacks a home, a beast, and even a consistent form. Similar in nature to the instigators of the enigmatic violence he embodies, there is little to no evidence of his existence other than what he leaves behind.

Even his number, is an approximation, like his whereabouts. Because of this instability, his summoning, and even joining his ranks are extremely difficult.

Like the instigators of the heinous felonies who act as his patrons, he feeds on murders, deaths, and suicides. However, unlike the killers, who feed on the sadistic blood lust, or those who just want to enter the Empryean, Rtar feeds on mystery, and unsolved aspect of the deaths. An unsolved murder, suicide, or just a mystery corpse is enough to sustain Rtar. However, once the mystery is cracked, the food spoils and Rtar must find a new source of sustenance.

Hypocrisy Legions

Although Rtar himself is the most enigmatic of the chaos gods, his armies, and his cultists are the exact opposite. Whether or not Rtar is intentionally doing this, or it is just a side effect of who he attracts, the legions of Rtar are known as the Hypocrisy Legions.

For they are the most predictable army in existence, their strategies are boring at best, and at worst an entire legion can be extirpated because of the sloppy planning. Even the minions of Rtar are predictable, almost always is their skin red, and bloody coral outgrowths erupt from their flesh. Even better, they have a easy to find weakspot. Their head is just a small little lamprey-like mouth with a single glowing blue gem. Shoot the gem, and they are dead.

Words cannot describe my disappointment in Rtar, but perhaps this is just another layer to the Living Enigma. Although, clearly his predictable armies are successful, for their stagnation in cultural, and strategic evolution is astonishing. Better yet, Rtar has the largest army, even compared to Yash. However, this comes not from the amount of willing soldiers, but from the amount who were forcefully transformed into Rtari footsoldier mutants.