Self-aware Lifeform Detection Cyberform

The Self-aware Lifeform Detection Cyberform, or most commonly known as the Sald, is a unique cybernetic entity created in the Archives to patrol, guard, and protect us.


The Sald is a unique automaton, in that it is more flesh than machine. Unlike our other sentinels and automatons, who are designed to exclusively do extremely specific tasks, the Sald is capable of many tasks. While combat ready, it usually cleans the archives of Creep.

When it comes to appearance, it is around the size of a car. It’s anatomy is quite simple, being a large brain nestled on top of a tub-like apparatus with four spider-like limbs for locomotion, and in some cases offense. On the top of the brain, where the main intelligence resided, is a multi-purpose laser rifle which can burn away Creep, or sear flesh depending on the task at hand.

This brain also has a large, insectoid face towards the front, its ocular organs are located here. Along with its mouth, ears, and nose.


While other automatons in our Archives perform a very specific task exclusively, the Sald performs myriad tasks around the archives. While it is not designed foremost to be a military automaton, it does have the capability to defend itself, and even kill attackers, when the time is necessary.

Their primary task is incinerating Creep, termites, or other pests in the Archives. Although because of their organic intelligence, they may deviate from the prime strategum for doing this task, or maybe even apply to switch to a different job.