The Soul is the innermost aspect of any organism, which comprises their mental capabilities and sense of identity: reason, character, feeling, conciousness, qualia, memory, and more.


The Soul is in essence, the innermost aspect of all organisms. The Soul comprises the mental capabilities of such an organism, along with their sense of identity. This would include reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, and other things associated with living beings. The Soul is separate from Spirit, which can be separated from both Soul and Body to create shades of former beings, or Ghosts.

The Soul has three primary faculties, which will be listed below:

  • Rationality Faculty – The Rationality Faculty correlates to an organism’s ability to practice higher thinking, speculating, pondering, creating, and the like. It is what drives language, art, science, and the lower philosophies such as politics and ethics. Both Humans and Angels are capable of practicing higher thinking, or reasoning.
  • Sensory Faculty – The Sensory Faculty is present in all beings, as it corresponds to an organism’s ability to perceive the natural world. This faculty drives instinct and input-output response to stimuli. As mentioned, all beings have this faculty to the point of correspondence with their corporeal forms.
  • Noetic Faculty – The Noetic Faculty, also known as the Nous, is the spiritual drive of the soul. It enables praying, the practicing of worship, and other theological activities. It also allows organisms to “transcend”.