Splodges are primitive predatory lifeforms created naturally from the melted cadavers of Typhon, Cimexians, and other creatures. Their sole purpose is to consume more bio-mass to grow. They are separated into two categories, Splodges, and Fleshbeasts.


Splodges are vile, hideous creatures. As they are made from the corpses of myriad species, their bodies are irregular. Bones, and even entire bodies often jut out of the mass. Usually, Splodges have multiple arachnoid locomotion appendages they use to drag their amorphous hindsections. Which allows them to quickly, albeit clumsily, move.

The mouths of Splodges are either horizontal, enormous, almost stubby snouts with millions of teeth and an enormous grin. Or, they are circular, with rotating bone shrapnel to act as teeth, similar to that of a lamprey.


Fleshbeasts are enormous Splodges, made up of hundreds, if not thousands of bodies. They usually have large, flame shaped heads with large circular maws. The locomotion appendages of these large Fleshbeasts consist of myriad branching lesser appendages.

Fleshbeasts have myriad bio-traits and abilities exclusive to each Fleshbeast. Despite their size, they are fast, dangerous, and ready to kill.