The Syha’hnahh is a small, deciduous fruit-tree which is commonly farmed for its nutritious fruit. They have a unique symbiosis with the Tanglement, only demonstrated in places where they need active defense from attackers of any kind.

This small fruit tree grows up to 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall and lives for up to 20 years, with the oldest known specimen being around 35 years old. It is very resistant to disease but is susceptible to destructive insect infestation without assistance from Tanglement clusters.

It has a thick, slanted trunk covered in thick, wrinkled, yellow bark, and inside, the soft wood is pale brown.

The abundance of branches trail down to the ground and are covered with handfuls of miniature, asymmetrical leaves with irregular edges. The leaves themselves are azure and peach.

In early spring, it produces lots of large, white blossoms with pleated petals. They are sturdy and have no scent.

In late summer it produces large, finger-like fruit. The smooth blue skin is stretchy and edible when roasted; it is sweet and salty, and the crunchy washed-out blue flesh is savoury and powdery. The silver seed is large and sits at the end of the fruit.

The roots are long and grow straight down, and overall the tree is sturdy and difficult to uproot.

Forests of this species feature the trees packed together densely, with grassy ground between them.