Tarot Chip

Tarot Chips are small bronze tokens blessed by a profane priest which can contact/summon ghosts, and peer into and change fate. However, to successfully do any of these things, one must follow a direct and specific set of steps.

To read a Tarot Chip, one must has fifty chips, each will have a different glyph. All chips will be placed in a small bag, and will be dumped out. Because of their phantasmal properties, thirty chips will land on the side without a glyph, and twenty will land on the part with the glyph showing. Each glyph will have a different effect, from summoning a spectre, to changing the fate of the Player for the better. All the chips which land with their glyphs showing will effect the player.

Although simple, Tarot Chips could be lethal without precaution or without access to magic which can reverse the effects of negative Tarot Chips.