Jakeopod.com is a place where I can share my beliefs, my ideas, my ideologies, my projects, my writing, my opinions. It is my domain, where I can do whatever I desire with the help of my trusted staff. Although totalitarian sounding, this site is a playground in which I can my most trusted friends can speak their mind, write what they want, and host their projects. Here, anyone who I trust or who gains my trust can be invited to join our “cabal” to write and expression themselves freely.

We will defend our patrons and members with fervent zealousness, unless their actions are completely un-defendable. Disagreeing with our beliefs is your problem alone, we only seek to express ourselves. You can find our staff, people apart of Jakeopod.com who we deem appropriate for administration and other serious business, here.

For the people who do not have permission to modify, edit, and create, I hope you can enjoy witnessing our creations and masterpieces. If you care, our privacy policy and attributions sections are below. Below even that are hyperlinks to other parts of this site.

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The Tenets of Jakeopod.com are my beliefs, as Founder, and the main ideology in which Jakeopod.com follows. You don’t have to understand, agree with, or even believe in the Tenets to become a part of Jakeopod.com. As long as you respect them. I pour my soul into writing this as Founder, and I hope you understand that this is just another set of beliefs. Follow it if you care, think about it if it inspires you, agree with it if it aligns with you, whatever.

Tenet I

The soul radiates waves of positive and negative energy. That is a fundamental fact that cannot be avoided or stopped. You cannot stop uranium from radiating energy by covering it with a tarp, alike how you cannot seal your sadness away and expect it to be locked up forever. You must harness and control your energies to become free of burden. You must understand that the energy you radiate can bring forth destruction, or creation. Harness the energy from your soul in a way that does not destroy you or others, and you will be Free and Prosperous.

Tenet II

The past and future are merely forms of human memory. Do not dwell in either, stay in the present, and you will become Free and Prosperous. Do not crumple with anxiety or dread of the future, for it does not exist until it occurs, and do not dwell in past regrets. For now it is all but memory. Stay within your boundaries of time, think of the future as a possibility and not a fact, and don’t dive into your regrets. That is how you obtain Freedom over time.

Tenet III

You are the God of your own world. You can control everything around you, the universe through your actions, minds through your words, time through your actions and memories, and worlds through your fingers and keyboard. Master your emotions, master your perception, and you will obtain true Freedom. The meaning of existence is yours to decide, not the world outside. Do not let external forces mold you to their will, if it destroys your happiness.

The Excursion

Once, a man lived. He had his highs and lows, some days he would be on top of the planet happy as could be with his ambitions high and his cash flowing in, the next he could be wallowing in his own pity and debt. The man rolled through life in a neutral fever before it ended.

“So how was it?”, Death said.

“Oh, it had its highs and its lows, its terrors and its ecstasies. And yet, there was no meaning to it all,” the Man said back.

“There was a meaning you see,” Death continued on, it swirled and whirred, “You lost it in the scuffle, find the three teachers and they will enlighten you,”

And then, Death’s lambent radiance vanished and a thick darkness manifested. How could anyone navigate such a foul sticky darkness? In a rumbling typhoon of radiance, the voice of the White God boomed. It was a being of power and strength. It taught the man of the first Tenet, and how the soul’s exhaust of positive and negative energies must be controlled to obtain freedom from your anger.

The Man thanked the God for his wisdom, and scoured the umbra for the second teacher. He waded through the thick tar-like shadow until he came across a great monolith, the source of the shadow. It spoke, for it was the Black God. It taught the man of the second Tenet, of how to master your perception of time.

The man awoke on the river Styx. “What have you learned?”, Death asked, its towering frame stood over the Man. The Man’s face gleamed with pride. “I have learned many things,” the Man said “I have learned of my emotions and my psyche. I can control the intrusive thoughts and feelings through mastery and understanding. Time is not a linear path, but a series of choices. I can choose my fate through my actions, the past is but a memory, and the future is mine to decide. My actions can make this world cruel, or merciless.”

“You’ve found the Third Teacher,” Death said. “You: For you have discovered the Third Tenet and the meaning of existence, that all of reality is yours to interpret and control.”