The Sepulcher

The Sepulcher is a powerful worm so volatile, that not even its mighty master, N’nosk, can fully control it. It is 636 feet long, each segment being twelve feet in length. It is entirely made out of the bones of demi-gods, deities, and other powerful entities.


The Sepulcher is 636 feet long, all 53 of its segments being twelve feet in length. Each segment is created from discarded bloodstained hipbones, or a trio of large humanoid skulls. These segments are connected together via golden artifacts, including artificial guilded bones, rings, and chains. Each segment, with the exception of the third to the head has skeletal human arms attached, acting as locomotion and offense. These arms are decorated with golden bands, chains, rings, and other jewelry.

The head is a commingled mass of skulls, ribcages, and spines. The head has many eyes haphazardly placed around the top plate of the head. Two enormously long and serrated ribs act as the mandibles. The cranium also appears to have two demonic horns.


N’nosk, the great engineer of flesh was not invulnerable to attacks. To stop this, and to defeat his ever increasing paranoia and fear of death, he set out to kill thousands of demi-gods and deities. Using their scrimshawed remains, N’nosk created the Sepulcher. His most powerful guardian.

However, such a volatile creature could not be fully controlled. If N’nosk could not slay the projections it summoned in time, the Sepulcher would turn on everything around it in a fit of violent rage, including N’nosk. To solve this glaring problem, N’nosk created the Void Staff. The staff engulfs N’nosk in an aura of shadow, which spews beckoned void orbs to slay the projections. With the power of the Sepulcher’s rage expelled, at least for now, N’nosk could live safely with the skullworm by his side.