Capyborg Aggregate

We pulled up.

– The Capyborg Aggregate

The Capyborg Aggregate, also known as the Aggregate, is a uniocracy of hostile biomodified capybaras. They are extremely hostile, and are thought to be the reason why the Empire has begun to increase their military might. They only know one purpose, kill, consume, and assimilate.


Capyborg is a portmanteau of capybara and borg, the latter of which translates to “Mammalian Hivemind”. Aggregate represents the fusion of Capybara and machine.

The Aggregate has never referred to itself as the Capyborg Aggregate.


As the Aggregate consists of modified capybaras, an earthen species, they have existed since the Planetfall at their oldest. Although it is possible that the Aggregate originated a marginal time after Actiniaria was formed. Nonetheless, upon centralising they began to rapidly send radio signals to the Empire.These signals predominantly consisted of a few simple, and somewhat broken sentences. The most infamous being: “We pulled up,”.

Almost instantaneously afterwards they began a steady stream of horde or attrition-based wars against the Empire’s laboratories and military facilities, predominantly those containing CRISPR or other biomodification technology.

They were gradually repelled as awareness of their existence was spread around known space. To counter this, the Collective began combining their Capyborg footsoldiers with military vehicles to create powerful hybrids of capybara and machine.

As of modern day, the Collective has become a major threat to the Empire’s continued existence, and multiple calls to use atomic weaponry against them have been made.


While the origins of the Aggregate are an enigma, their biology has been heavily studied. Capyborg are separated into different castes, all of which are made from an unmodified capybara being infused with mechanical and biomechanical components. Castes are myriad, and are far too vast and complex to sufficiently categorize in full. This is largely because of the fact that the Aggregate rapidly replaces older, understood castes, with newer and far more powerful castes over time.

Uniocracy of the Aggregate

As with all hiveminds, the Aggregate follows a variation of the uniocracy. Although the version used by the Aggregate is far more simple than the standard uniocracy. Instead of a singular overmind, with multiple synapses, the Aggregate has a singular overmind, formed from pure telepathic energy, which possesses and fully controls physical Capyborg organisms. In a simpler sense, the Overmind, or the Aggregate is the brain, while the Capyborg organisms are the body.

The vast will power of the Aggregate is beyond that of any known uniocracy, but not even this mighty hivemind is immune to the flaws of uniocracy. The further distance away from the Aggregate a Capyborg organism is, the less control and influence the Aggregate will exert on said organism. This will eventually continue until the Capyborg is completely free of the Aggregate’s influence. Upon this occurring, usually the freed Capyborg will adopt the behavior of a normal capybara. This new behavioral change usually causes death.

Castes of the Aggregate

The castes of the Aggregate are far too complex and myriad to categorize sufficiently in full, as the Aggregate’s castes have an intricate and at times convoluted relationship with eachother. To the point where calling the Aggregate’s hivemind of Capyborgs an ecosystem would not be far off.

Despite this apparent complexity, each caste can be separated into categories based on their purpose. These categories include:

  • Support – Support castes are those that support the other castes.
  • Offense – Offense castes are those that support the Aggregate’s warmachine.
  • Worker – Worker castes do menial labor.
  • Other – Castes which cannot be placed in any other category.