A Thrall is a categorization given to certain species inhabiting the Empire. If an organism is classified as a thrall, they are considered slaves and without free will. Many species are used as Thralls, from the Pyrites to the Am-hut. Although most have a few things in common: strength, docility, and obedience.

As such, these thrall species are commonly thrown into battles as soldiers to be shot, or workers forced to mine ore until their bones break. Nonetheless, the determination of these species is nigh infinite.

This hope and determination has caused myriad rebellions against the Empire’s slavemasters, and a hefty amount of property damage. To counter this, Slave Indoctrination Facilities have been created to forcefully bionically modify slaves into complete and utter obedience.

Slave Indoctrination Facility

A Slave Indoctrination Facility is a tower complex of rooms, machines, and cells where slaves are processed, bionically modified, and leave as cybernetic organisms completely without free will, and therefore a want for freedom. With the creation of these facilities beginning very early on in the Empire’s history, they have since become prevalent in almost every major megapolis in the Empire.

While the corporate shareholders behind the Slave Indoctrination Facilities claim that they are always completely and truly successful, sometimes there are slip ups. Forcing these escaped/resistance slaves to be farmed like livestock in secret to feed the masses. Even if modified, some may be able to reclaim their body.

While the exact way a Slave Indoctrination Facility truly works is hidden from the unwashed masses, there is a hypothesis to how they fully strip whatever comes in of free will or hope:

  1. Willbreaking – The Slave Processing Facility will completely break the spirit of the slave, destroying what they love and forcing them to perceive millions of years of torture in eight hours via perception altering drugs.
  2. Indoctrination – Once the slave is mentally vulnerable, they are subjected to enormous screenings of propaganda with their comrades. This subjects their already broken subconscious with the media required to complete the third and final step.
  3. Modification – At last, the slave is brutally modified with bionic equipment to be stronger, faster, and more obedient. With the help of hydraulic muscle assistance bionics, and neural implants, the slave becomes a powerful, and obedient zombie which does their work until dead.

List of Thrall Species

(In chronological order of their enslavement, top being oldest and bottom being newest)
  • Am-Hut
  • Trematoda
  • Trykor
  • Human
  • Pyrite