Trematoda are sapient vermiform creatures who inhabit cramped and moist areas in large colonies. Trematoda are rather primitive when it comes to intellect, however they have the ability to speak and understand basic processes. They also understand the concept of family quite well. Trematoda lack a species-wide language and usually speak broken common, if they speak at all.

Trematoda come in myriad shapes and sizes, to the enormous Munga-Munga to the small Scooga. The most common Trematoda caste being the Glongus, which has simple arms and legs for tool usage. Upon death Glonguses split into two miniature sub-Glonguses which then both regrow back into regular Glonguses.

This cycle of life after death allows for the Trematoda to thrive even in lack of any breeding Marms.

Marms are the mother caste of a Trematoda nest, they aesexually produce young and launch them out of cannon-like appendages. These offspring, known as Youngas, then mature into one of the many different Trematoda castes.

Trematoda are quite hostile, similar in nature to Orcs, where they will attack and raid areas for the sake of it. Extermination of Trematoda colonies is impossible since any caste can grow into a new Marm. Because of this, Trematoda are a dangerous threat to villages and nations which lack proper military infrastructure. Despite this hostile nature however, some Trematoda colonies are passive and unaggressive, a few even work for other nations and factions.