Ol Dhajolz

Ol Dhajolz

Ol Dhajolz


Trollge is a highly dangerous predatory organism. It is umbral, and created from Umbra. Its unique grasping appendages end in bulbs which use telekinesis to grab and manipulate the environment. Trollge is also easily recognized by his pale, humanoid face, with sharp teeth and cat-like eyes.


Trollge prowling Aurora Woods.

A true predator, Trollge is equipped with sharp teeth, retractable claws, and a powerful leap. His body is pitch black, which allows him to blend into the night. The face of Trollge is pale, with empty cat-like eyes, and a humanoid nose. Trollge also appears to lack a tongue.

Trollge’s arms are extremely long, ending in what appear to be nubs. These nubs are telekinetically active, and manipulate the environment via a form of botched telekinesis. Its legs are digitigrade, ending in two theropodal toes. While these powerful abilities are often brutally demonstrated on trespassers to Trollge’s domain, it will often hold back for the sake of sadistically extending the hunt.

Trollge inhabits Aurora Woods, a small four mile forest of deciduous pine trees. Trollge can not leave his domain, likely because of magical interference, in exchange for immortality and complete control over every trespasser. It will often lure organisms into Aurora Woods, so that it can sadistically hunt and attack these “Trespassers” one by one.

It is said in folklore that Trollge will encode the souls of those he hunted in Caesar Cipher, although this has been debunked.