Ty’lyrhaglygonn is a common and tasty form of candy commonly consumed by the inhabitants of the Prime Material Plane. To add the Ty’lyrhaglygonn’s unique flavor, manufacturers have bound a unique demon to each candy. While the Ty’lyrhaglygonn is in the mouth of the consumer, this demon will silently manifest behind them and likely try to devour their souls.


Ty’lyrhaglygonn at first glance resemble balls of bone roughly 0.3 inches in diameter. Although their sizes may be smaller or larger depending on the manufacturer. Each Ty’lyrhaglygonn has a unique hemorune embedded into it. These runes are related to the binding and summoning of the demons they contain.


Ty’lyrhaglygonn have been described as being earthy, with an eldritch aftertaste beyond the Prime Material Plane. This taste comes from the demon bound into the candy, which will biologically manifest into the Prime Material Plane as long as the Ty’lyrhaglygonn remains in the mouth of the consumer.


Although reception of the candy is largely positive, multiple esteemed food critics have claimed that the demon biologically manifested during its consumption may pose a hazard. Specifically, food critic Azagorthaaoth Korryenthax stated:

“Ty’lyrhaglygonn is a tasty treat, although the hellspawn it creates while you suck on it may be a risk to both you and your family”

This statement has been agreed upon by a few other food critics, including Y’ath Grimjudge, and A’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lo’ololololololololo. Although this negative reception has largely been discredited due to the fact that it largely critiques the hazards that the candy may cause, not its actual flavor, which has been described as “utterly delectable”.