A Uniocracy, also known as a Hivemind is a rule by a singularity of minds connected via a form of biological or mechanical telepathy acting as a form of telepathic supercomputer to make decisions and actions based on the environment and the will of the Overmind. The Overmind is the supreme controller organism of the Uniocracy, acting as the brain with assistance from the memories and experiences of special hivemind members known as “Synapses”. While the other organisms in the Uniocracy act as the body. In this sense, a Uniocracy could be called a superorganism.

Although independence is possible. When not being used by the Overmind, organisms part of the Uniocracy have relative independence, although their thoughts, experiences, etc. are monitored by the Overmind and his Synapses, who are exempt from this relative independence. The Overmind, on the other hand is given complete and utter independence as the brain of this superorganism.