Vessels (Folliculi inanis), sometimes incorrectly and derogatorily called “Stags” are a cimexian species of semi-humanoid sapient stag beetles. Unique among Cimexians, they have multiple nymph stages of different complexities.

They are predominantly sapro-xylophagous, however they can consume living wood. Although it has been demonstrated that a Vessel can consume meat. This makes the average Vessel an omnivore with a preference for sapro-xylophagy.

Vessels are hexapodal entities, having two locomotion appendages, and four grasping appendages. Their most unique biological feature is located on its face, which is almost identical to that of a stag beetle. This unique feature being the two enormous mandibles on the face of male Vessels. Female Vessels have a more standard beetle-like face.

Vessels, along with other beetle Cimexians are some of the most common Cimexians known. Because of their extremely large population, their culture is ingrained in almost every city, structure, and faction. The origins of the Nail also begin with multiple Vessel warrior-clans.