Yash is the chaos god of the abyss. His patron color is yellow, his patron number 12, and his patron beast the kraken. He lives at the bottom of the Ulthar trench, in a large yellow and green coral palace. Because his servants lack creativity of any kind, he lacks a battle cry, or even a collective name for his servant legions other than the Servants of Yash. Profane scholars in my Archives however call his soldiers Yashi Cultists.

God of the Abyss

Yash is not just the god of the literal abyss in the ocean depths, but also the god of the emotional abyss; when one loses all hopes and aspirations and sinks into the depths of madness and depravity. The death of hope, peace, and aspiration fuels Yash’s ravenous need for sustenance. Unfortunately, Yash is almost always on the brink of bursting like a full tick.

However, he also feeds on the emotions correlating to the dark abyss of the unknown. Curiosity, science, and the need to discover to the point of zealousness also sustain Yash. The deadly duo of sustaining energies makes Yash one of the most powerful, and dangerous, of the chaos gods.

Description of Yash are not as myriad as his other brothers, he is almost always depicted as an armored humanoid with the face of an octopus. The skin is rubbery, yellow, and slimy, and all but the lower part of the head is covered in green chainmail. His visage is the likely inspiration behind the mythical “Cthulhu”.

Court of Yash

The Court of Yash is unlike the Courts of the other gods, while disturbingly alien, the creativity of the Court of R’thiel knows no depraved limits, and the Court of Rtar is relentless in their ingenious slaughter. However, the Court of Yash, alike his food source, is completely drained of hope, aspiration, and creativity.

The purpose of the Court of Yash is unfathomable to mortal minds, and even those of other Chaos Gods. For without aspiration, creativity, or even the most profane mockery of hope, the Court of Yash is purposeless.