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The Shugnahoth is the ensignia, and symbol of the Empire. It is as early as the Empire itself, and was said to have been carved into the flesh of the Emperor as a divine message that he would unite the Prime Material Plane under this banner. History The Shugnahoth is as early as the Empire’s […]


Schnellekabine are a type of transportation method rarely used. They are the mechanical variant of the Brainways, although they have far more locomotive and architectural restrictions. Despite this, they are the primary mode of travel for organisms of the Higher Caste. Description Schnellekabine consist of many interlocking cabs, which sit upon the backs of large […]

Outer Reaches

The Outer Reaches are the vast expanse beyond the known portions of the Prime Material Plane. Here, the normally sarcous living ground transitions into hard rock or fossil, and what is beyond is completely unknown. Despite this apparent aura of mystery around the Outer Reaches, there is a single railroad line that leads into the […]


The Floppaths are a network of glass tubes which are navigated by giant fire breathing mutants of the genus caracal caracal. While the Brainways, among other transportation lines, are far more popular, the Floppaths are arguably the safest. Especially with their high speed of four hundred miles per hour. Description Suspended high above the ground […]


A wheel is a circular component that is designed to rotate on an axle bearing. In unison with axles, wheels allow heavy objects to be moved with ease. Which facilitates movement/transportation while supported a load, or performing labor in/on machines. Wheels are also used for other purposes, such as steering wheels. History Wheels are as […]


Boneweavers are a species of spider-like arachnid organisms responsible for the creation of silk by biologically reassembling bone tissue. They are quite large, and living in large social groups. They are around the size of a Typhonic Hound, although twice as dangerous. Description Boneweavers have eight legs ending in sharp, almost translucent black spikes, and […]


Laterite is a common reddish brown stone used in the creation of structures. It is extremely commonly used and exported, in a similar manner to concrete or xenolith. Despite its value, ease of use, and low price. Laterite is no longer used for regular construction, instead, it is more likely to be used for other, […]

Jaj’kurite Architecture

Jaj’kurite Architecture is a type of architecture commonly associated with N’nosk, his palace, and other sacred places. Jaj’kurite architecture is exclusively applied to metal structures, although it may also be applied to some other structures. History Although it is described as ancient, Jaj’kurite architecture is only as recent as its creator, Jakeopod. Jaj’kurite architecture appears […]


Shadebone is a pure white or black, smooth material created by mixing bone dust with Umbra (in the case of Black Shadebone) or Radiance (in the case of white Shadebone). It is used exclusively in the creation of Masks, because of its ability to be carved with ease and its magical capabilities. Because of its […]


Aeroacrobacteria are levitating macroscopic bacteria. They come in billions of varieties, although in most varieties they are pickle-shaped with a single, long flagella used for movement and offensive purposes in certain scenarios. They survive off of pure instinct, although their intelligence is several magnitudes higher than their microscopic counterparts. They are hunted naturally by Aeromacoviruses, […]